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    Not being a Sanskrit scholar but one who depends upon other available translations mainly in Tamil and Malayalam, I crave your pardon for errors if any that I have committed.

    Chamakam : Agnaa Vishnu sajosh semaa vardhanthu vaam gira. Vaajas cha may, prasavam cha may, Prayathis cha may, praseethis cha may,deedhis cha may, krathus cha may, swaras chamay, Slokas chamay, suvas chamay,sruthischa may,jyothishas cha may, suvas cha may, praanas chamay, apaanas cha may, Vyaanas cha may, asus cha may, chittam cha may, aadheetham cha may, Vaak cha may, manas cha may, chakshus cha may, srothras cha may, dakshas cha may, Balam cha may, oojas cha may, sahas cha may, aayus cha may, Jaraas cha may, aathmaas cha may, thanus cha may, sarmas cha may, varmas cha may, Angaanis cha may, Asthaanis cha may, paarungsshis cha may, sareeraanis cha may 1 Oh Lord who is fire and who is Vishnu, Both of you be pleased , To show love towards me, Let these words which praise you, Grow for ever and you both, Should bless me with food and all wealth.

    Food is with me, The mind to give food is with me Cleanliness is with me, Enthusiasm is with me, Capacity to protect is with me, Capacity to earn food is with me, Strength to chant manthras with out fault is with me, Fame is with me Strength to recite properly is with me, Enlightenment inside is with me, Heaven is with me, The spirit of the soul is with me, Aapana is with me, Vyaana is with me, The soul is with me, Thought is with me, Things known by thought are with me, Words are with me, Mind is with me, Eyes are with me, Ears are with me, Strength of organs for gaining knowledge are with me Strength of sensory organs are with me, Strength of soul is with me, Strength to defeat enemies is with me, Span of life is with me, The old age is with me, The soul inside is with me, Good body is with me, Pleasure is with me, The Armour to protect the body is with me, Strong stable organs are with me, Bones are with me, Joints are with me, And all other parts of the body are with me, Because I worship Rudra.

    Jyaishtyam cha may, aadhipatyam cha may, manyus cha may, Bhaamas cha may, aamyas cha may, jemaas cha may, mahimaa cha may, Varimaa cha may, prathimaa cha may, varshmaa cha may, draguyaas cha may, Vruddham cha may, vruddhis cha may, satyam cha may, sraddhas cha may, Jagascha may, dhanas cha may, vasas cha may, twishis cha may, kreedas cha may, Modhas cha may, jaatham cha may, janishmaanam cha may, sookthas cha may, Sukrutham cha may, vitham cha may, vedhyam cha may, bhootham cha may, Bavishyam cha may, sugam cha may, supadham cha may, ruddham cha may,ruddhis cha may, Kluptham cha may, klupthis cha may mathis cha may sumathis cha may.

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    Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

    We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes.

    2,495 11,06.012 Bhadrak ,, 1,076 4,47^70 Nilgin Sadar 263 78,730 1,168 5,80,012 Po Umgir Dist. 1,861 Agra 219 Bah 338 Etmadpur 278 Fatebaliad 241 Pirozabad 203 Kheragarh 303 Kiraob 273 Aligarh Dist 1,941 Atrauh 351 Hatbras 291 Iglas 214 IGiair 402 Koil (Aligarh) 355 Si(andaia Rao 337 Allahabad Dist 2,800 Chad 303 Handia 297 Karchliana 521 Manjhanpur 274 Meja 658 Banda Dist.「pops_gui.exe」を起動し先ほど作成したPSソフトのイメージ(XXX.img)をドラッグし「PS3-Free popstation v5」のウィンドウの上でドロップします。(ドラッグ&ドロップが分からない人はコチラ) 3.圧縮レベルが初期で9(最高)になっているので、メモステに余裕がある人は0(圧縮しない)に変更しましょう。 4.「コンバート」を押してPSP用に変換開始です。 5.変換が終わったら、「pops_v5_delphi」フォルダ内にPSP用PSソフトの入ったフォルダが作成されています。 6.作成されたフォルダをPSPの「GAME」フォルダ(ms0:/PSP/GAME)に転送します。 7.PSPを立ち上げXMB(クロスメディアバー)、ゲームの項目のメモリースティックからPSのソフトがプレイできます。 」から「Select Font」を選択します。 4.フォントは好きなものに変更し「文字セット」を「日本語」にしましょう。 5.マニュアルに使用したいテキストまたは画像を用意しテキストは「Add Textfiles」から、画像は「Select Files」から選びましょう。 6.「Create」からマニュアルを作成できます。 7.「PSPDoc Maker GUI」フォルダに「DOCMENT.DAT」が作成されているのでそれをPSPのGAMEフォルダにあるPSソフトのフォルダ(ms0:/PSP/GAME/XXX)に転送してください。 8. apps Apps Books & Reference Business Comics Communication Education Entertainment Finance Health & Fitness Libraries & Demo Lifestyle Media & Video Medical Music & Audio News & Magazines Personalization Photography Productivity Shopping Social Tools Transportation Travel & Local Weather Word The evil Card Soldiers have takenoverthebeautiful Wonderland!

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