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    So all you need to do is bring an unlocked phone, get a data plan, and you’ll be good to go. Dallas Association for Parent Education Dallas, 972/699-0420 or 972/699-0438 The association’s Warmline/E-Warmline (972/699-7742) is a free phone service staffed by trained volunteers, available to parents and caregivers from Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. Gays, lesbians and singles are more than welcome to participate.

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    And when that’s the position from which you and your whole, lying Chickenhawk Army Ant swarm refuse to budge, Reality has a way of making you look like awful buffoons. And about half the country was really pissed off and furious not only about how they’d been deceived by the Bush Administration into a war, but that the war (herewith dubbed Dubya Dubya Dubya -- or WWIII -- for the one man who has the distinction of managing to fuck up the Run-up, the Execution and the Aftermath of a war he was so hysterical to wage that he was willing to lie to trick us into it) was also now getting steadily worse. The other half of the country, if I remember, had their heads snuggled so far and happily up their asses that the loud truth crashing to the ground all around them sounded like distant whispers swaddled in cotton. The best they could offer was a reassurance that, as the Iraqi Army became capable of defending itself and taking on the insurgents (who were in that post-"Dead Ender" but pre-"Last Throes" phase that so many insurgencies find so awkward), we’d be heading for the door with all deliberate speed.(Exactly the same reason, by the way, I have made it my life’s work to track down every prom picture of me in Christendom and destroy them.) So for Big Time Fun, let’s hop into the Way Back Machine and look at what was happening waaay long ago last year. So Pre-Election – almost one year ago to the day -- let’s see what we were being told about the troop strength of the Iraqi Army by no less than David H. Nothing’s official, so don’t freak out too much about this, but a few brands of dog jerky could actually kill your dog.

    In response, Nestle Purina and Del Monte officials have said their treats are safe.

    " The problem with being an All Wise and Infallible Dear Leader who never admits error is that you must therefore have meant every single thing that has happened on your watch, and as the result of your orders, to happen.

    If you have made no mistakes in Iraq..Iraq must be unfolding in exactly the way you had always intended that it should. And the Bush answer to every clusterfuck that made it past the filters and into the headlines was a confident, Peewee Hermanesque, “We meant to do that.” The Bush Administration – who had been so adamant and categorical and detailed-to-the-point-of-profligacy when it came to telling baldfaced lies in order to get us into Iraq – had suddenly gone completely Cone of Silence and Cloak of Invisibility when it came to sharing with the public (for whom they work ) any scrap of information about how the fuck we were going to get out of Iraq.

    Go to your squirrelmail files that you extracted and uploaded to /public_html/squirrelmail and go the config directory.

    Copy config_and rename to then edit this file to match the items below. Drafts';$auto_expunge = true;$delete_folder = false;$use_special_folder_color = true;$auto_create_special = true;$list_special_folders_first = false;$default_sub_of_inbox = false;$show_contain_subfolders_option = false;$default_unseen_notify = 2;$default_unseen_type = 1;$noselect_fix_enable = false;$default_charset = 'iso-8859-1';$data_dir = '/home/tchuserid/.mysqmail/data';$attachment_dir = '/home/tchuserid/.mysqmail/tmp';$dir_hash_level = 0;$default_left_size = '150';$force_username_lowercase = true;$default_use_priority = true;$hide_sm_attributions = true;$default_use_mdn = true;$edit_identity = false;$edit_name = true;$allow_thread_sort = false;$allow_server_sort = false;$allow_charset_search = true;$uid_support = true;$session_name = ' SQMSESSID'; YOUR DONE!

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